Unless you're a regular customer of their products, you may be familiar with Japan's most recognizable masturbatory aid maker TENGA due to their promotional campaigns such as opening up their own curry stand, or their interesting model names such as Deep Throat, Rolling Head, Premium Vacuum, and even a tea ceremony vibrator. Or perhaps you've sampled their "Night Charge" energy drink.

TENGA's latest product might be interpreted as a humorous alternative to the Japanese Valentine's Day tradition of "giri choco", or obligatory chocolates. Giri choco are chocolates customarily given by women to men casually with no romantic intent (men typically reciprocate by gifting chocolate on White Day). While fairly innocuous, the custom can be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately TENGA has stepped in with their own chocolate--packaged in a container modeled after one of their own masturbation aids called the TENGA Sweet Love Cup, which may prevent you from ever having to give chocolate again.

With a tagline of "sweet joy in your mouth", TENGA is advertising the TENGA Sweet Love Cup as sort of a gag alternative to giri choco, nicknaming it the giri TENGA. Although shaped like their standard pleasure toys, TENGA emphasizes that they can't be used for their regular purpose, and instead are filled with bundles of white, milk, and strawberry chocolate.

Of course, you can splurge on larger bundles that can be stacked into pyramids of chocolate filled sex toy shaped containers with suggestively different girth.

They're currently available from TENGA's online store.

By - Big Neko.