This month sees the opening of an exhibition and gift shop in Tokyo dedicated to tiny animals and tiny animals only, the Marutto Beastie Exhibition.

One of the contributors to this exhibition is Shota Tsukamoto, a salary man through the week, but at the weekend he plays personal photographer to his hedgehog. Not just relying on pure cuteness, he uses interesting themes, props and dynamic compositions in his work, to elevate his already photogenic model to something almost ethereal.

✨🐷👼🐷✨ * #ぼんあむ帽子 のハロウィン天使ちゃんが待ちきれないので天使ごっこするブタさんたち😂 * カレンダーをお待ちの皆様! すみません、来年のカレンダーはダーシーのアメリカ版しか作っていません💦そして手元の在庫は先日のダーシーとマシュー展にて完売してしまいました🙇 * しかし!昨日カレンダー売り場へ行ったら全然ハリネズミさんがいなくて可哀想だったので、大急ぎで作ることにしました🏃💨 現在ダーシー&マシューの卓上サイズで進行しています。 月めくりですので例年と比べ薄っぺらいですが、デザインはめちゃ可愛く仕上げますので、楽しみにしててください😊🙏🏻✨ @bon_amu さんの帽子と @milcah_flower さんのお花

Shota Tsukamotoさん(@matthewthehedgehog)がシェアした投稿 -

His first star model Darcy amassed over 327,000 followers. She sadly passed away in 2014 but the photos remain on the Darcy the Flying Hedgehog Instagram as a testament to her memory.

Mr. Tsukamoto continued his work with his next hedgehog, named Matthew. When Matthew took over, the photographer introduced him on Instagram, noting that he was grumpier than Darcy, with a cool face. As you can see he brings a whole new vibe to Tsukamoto’s compositions. Very cool and grumpy indeed.


Shota Tsukamotoさん(@matthewthehedgehog)がシェアした投稿 -

Of course, hedgehogs only live short, but very full lives. Matthew also passed away in September 2018. His successor, Chopin, took over modelling duties.

If you’re ready for the unbearable cuteness of tiny beings, the exhibition includes work from 27 artists including professional photographers and social media stars. More adorable hedgehog photos will be on display as well as hamsters, chipmunks and more.

The exhibition is taking place at Caretta Shiodome, until 20th January 2019.

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Follow the Darcy the Flying Hedgehog Instagram for more on point photography!

By - Jess.