Although Akihabara is not very well known for its nightlife, there's one place where you can party all night on weekends, and that's the legendary night club MOGRA Akihabara. Now in its tenth year, MOGRA plays electronic music as well as anisongs, idol songs, game music and other Akihabara music genres.

And if you happen to be in Akihabara on the third Friday of the month, you're likely to see quite an international crowd there. As the only event specifically hosted by the club to bring international and Japanese audiences together to enjoy anime songs, AniSphere joins long-running anisong DJ events ANISON INDEX!! and ANISON MATRIX!! as an event which consistently brings foreigners to the club.


According to event organizer GuySaaN: "Recently, we're seeing more and more people from all over the world at MOGRA. Japanese people would like to get to know them but it's not easy to find a chance. International visitors are often looking for something fun to do at night in Akihabara but don't know where to go. We could all have a happier nightlife if we could enjoy anime songs together! AniSphere was born to make that connection."

Source: © MOGRA

Not only are international visitors welcome to the event, but the regular AniSphere crew also features international representation, with DJs tonio from Spain, DJ Chuunibie from Norway, and coordinating staff Bennosuke from the US joining organizer GuySaaN, co-organizer B.S.R., DJs Odolyman, Gihta and Routes as well as VJ Char.

Source: © MOGRA

Source: © MOGRA

Source: © MOGRA

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Volume 21: Friday, January 18th

AniSphere is kicking off 2019 in a big way with special guest DJ Syntho who has performed at the Anime Expo Dance in LA, and guest DJs Daisuke and MASA MUNE.

Guest DJ Profiles


Source: © MOGRA

Syntho is a moe-bound darkweb DJ that draws sounds from breakcore, drum and bass, club, ket donk, and werks. Syntho curates sounds from all across Japan, capturing the moe spirit. Inspired by acts like DJ Newtown (Tofubeats), Silvanian Families, and the sounds of Japan's Netlabel and doujin music scene. Syntho has played with acts like Anamanaguchi, Omniboi, Akira Complex, W.T. Snacks and Meishi Smile, as well as Japanese artists such as LLLL and Tomad in venues such as Los Globos, Club Union, Tokyo Beat, Echoplex, and Shibuhouse (in Tokyo, Japan), and also for events in Los Angeles such as Anime Expo, Anime Los Angeles, Titan Con, Coast Con, APOP Festival, Nisei Week in Little Tokyo, Senpai Squad’s sold out Anime Expo parties as well as Fakku's sold out Zoom Lens party at Anime Expo 2017. In 2018 I have recently performed at Anime Expo Dance, as well as helped for the Mogra/Fakku party.

Twitter: @synthodj


Source: © MOGRA

Affiliations: A-HOLIC / VocaFuri! / RhythAni!! / VocaRetro / Necronomicon

Daisuke started DJing at the end of 2010. Together with friends he made at anisong DJ events, he started up A-HOLIC, an event focused on anisong original tracks, and he has been involved with it ever since. Fully deploying his wide range of interests with anisong original tracks at the core, he developed his own playing style highlighting an eclectic selection of tracks. From Natsu no Utage, Fuyu no Utage, to Anisong Index and Xi-lium, he participates in a wide variety of anisong DJ events. Daisuke is also known as a Vocaloid DJ, not only performing at regular events but also at one-time special events like Hatsune Matsuri, Vocaloid High, VOCALOID MANIAX and many other Vocaloid events. In recent years, he has been more frequently performing at genre-specific events. At AniSphere, he intends to use his old memories of the Western Isles where he spent his childhood to inspire his DJ playing!

Twitter: @This_is_Daisuke


Source: © MOGRA

Affiliations: A-Crash!! / GOTTA VISION

MASA MUNE got into DJing when he became organizer of the anisong club event Ani-dog in Osaka. After he was transferred to Hiroshima, he became organizer of A-Crash!! and began doing collaboration events in Kyushu, Shikoku as well as the Kanto area. He moved his base of operations to the Kanto area in 2015, he's been enjoying his DJ activities ever since with his secret weapon in the form of remixes made by his wife hikari&-


soundcloud (hikari&-)

twitter: @yasumasamune

Event Information

  • Name: AniSphere Vol. 21
  • Date and Time: January 18th (Fri.) 23:00 - 5:00 (Sat.)
  • Entrance fee: 2,500 JPY with 1 drink (No one under twenty admitted)
  • Lockers: Available
  • Club: MOGRA Akihabara
  • Address: Mitsubishi Bldg. 1F & B1, Akihabara, Taito Ward, Tokyo, 110-0006

  • Event webpage (MOGRA): AniSphere Vol. 21
  • Event page (Facebook): AniSphere Vol. 21

By - Ben K.