Coca-Cola continue to capitalise on Japan’s cherry blossom obsession by releasing their yearly limited edition sakura themed coke bottles. The design is predictably floral and predictably pink.

In recent years Coca-Cola have made the switch to aluminium bottles for the limited editions, allowing them to use the whole bottle for the design, rather than being restricted to just the label. This has resulted in even slicker looking designs for their celebratory seasonal offerings.

After debuting this type of sakura themed bottle in 2017, Coca-Cola boast that these limited-edition designs have made them popular with women and even people who don’t usually drink carbonated drinks. The 2017 version utilised a fresh white background with small pink flowers concentrated around the logo.

Last year’s cherry blossom design used a gentle pink background and large blossom motifs.

The 2019 release has some added purple hues, while delicate flowers and petals of various sizes flutter around the top and bottom of the bottle.

These botanical-tribute beverages will be available for a limited time from 21st January and can be picked up in supermarkets, convenience and general stores.

According to Coca-Cola they aren't merely the perfect accompaniment to hanami (cherry blossom viewing parties), but also other spring events such as graduation ceremonies and hina matsuri. But then again, they would say that, wouldn't they?

By - Jess.