Setsubun is the day which marks the beginning of spring in Japan, and for good fortune it is traditional to eat ehomaki. Ehomaki, literally meaning ‘lucky direction roll’ is a type of sushi roll which is long and filled with various ingredients, such as picked gourd, egg, eel and shiitake mushrooms. To ensure the good luck, the ehomaki-consumer should eat it in all one go without stopping, and while facing the ‘lucky’ direction which changes year to year. This year the festival will occur on February 3rd and the lucky direction will be east northeast.

We covered Ehomaki flavoured potato chips in a previous article, the perfect way for someone to casually consume the fortune bringing sushi roll. But what if, rather than having a casual outlook towards the traditional food, you actually take it very very seriously?

If you’re serious about Ehomaki, you won’t settle for less than the ‘Devil’s Ehomaki’. 50 centimetres long, 1.5 kilograms, 6000 calories. That’s three days’ worth of calories for an average adult man. Nothing says good fortune like blocked arteries.

The traditional ingredients have also been replaced with some calorific heavy hitters. This useful diagram breaks down the ehomaki contents for us.

It's fair to say that pizza as an ehomaki topping is a new one on all of us, so if you want to experience this unique monster sushi roll, it costs 3990 yen, and can be shared with others if you're not tough enough to take on the whole roll yourself. It will be sold in Amataro, a chain izakaya with branches all over Japan, and is only available from 21st January to 3rd February.

See Amataro's website for shop locations (Japanese only).

By - Jess.