Atsuko Mochida is a Japanese artist who works with everyday physical spaces to create her art installations, often turning them into something ‘dream-like’, according to the bio on her website.

For this intriguing piece called 'The Revolving House of T.', she has utilised a very common sight in Japan, an old wooden house, which had been deserted for over ten years.

The house is nearly one hundred years old and located in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture. Although you wouldn’t realise it while observing from the outside, the artist made a substantial change to the house’s architecture.

A 5-metre diameter circular area was cut out of the house’s centre, then re-attached on wheels so that it can rotate right around on its axis. You can see the surreal effects of the house in action in the artist’s video.

Rather than use some type of electric motorization, the house must be manually turned by pushing on the walls, adding an interactive element to the piece.

It’s slightly unsettling to see something as usual and comforting as a home get repurposed and redefined, and according to the website, Mochida intended to play with the ideas of living habits, identity, modification and descendance.

To see all this artist’s thought-provoking works, check her official website.

By - Jess.