Limited edition "Gagyu" EVOPOWER cordless vaccuum cleaners

Whether you are cleaning up stray tea leaves off your tatami-matted Japanese tea room, or potato chip crumbs from your sofa, a new line of beautifully decorated vacuum cleaners proposed by US brand Shark could provide a helping hand while also making a handsome addition to your home.

Based on Shark Japan's EVOPOWER cordless handheld vac, known in the US as the ION W1, they are the result of a collaboration with one of the most famous traditional pottery kilns in Western Japan, the Gagyu Kiln in Kyushu, established in 1602.

Utsutsugawa-yaki style from the Gagyu Kiln

Individually hand-brushed by the 14th and current representative of the Gagyu Kiln, Mr. Gagyu Yokoishi, these limited-edition vacuum cleaners are rendered in the artistic style of Utsutsugawa-yaki pottery, incorporating both traditional and modern motifs.

A design for each season

The four designs represent the four seasons, Spring with cherry blossoms in full bloom and the Gagyu Kiln's signature white egret in the foreground, Summer with the Milky Way, views of which you can enjoy on summer evenings in the countryside, Autumn with the full moon and a white egret, and Winter with an auspicious design featuring two cranes in mid-flight.


  • Number: 12 for each season, for a total of 48
  • Sales method: Payment reservation (a lottery will be held if demand exceeds the number), multiple models can be reserved.
  • Payment Reservation period: January 24th, 2019 18:00 JST to February 28th, 23:59 JST.
  • Payment Reservation method: Fill in the form at their website.
  • Payment method: In early March, Shark will contact those who made reservations (or the winners in the event of a lottery) with further details.
  • Price: 22,680 JPY (including tax, shipping and COD fee)
  • Note: Since they only ship within Japan, you may need to use a forwarding service to have it delivered abroad.

For more details, please visit their special website here.

By - Ben K.