Jewellers U-Treasure’s products are perfect for the more discerning of Pokemon-lovers.

They have a wide range of themed items based on popular series such as Star Wars or Pokemon, but their items don’t look childish or garish in any way. The stylish jewellery is aimed at adult fans, and they’ve even brought out some pretty Pokemon wedding rings for trainers who are done adventuring solo…

They have also previously released a very delicate and feminine line of necklaces dedicated to the ever-popular Eeveelutions (a collective term for the different Pokemon that can evolve from Eevee).

But these new Pokemon name necklaces are a subtle way to show your allegiance to the Pocket Monsters franchise, while still looking fashionable.

You can choose from four fonts for the name. Personalising the necklaces like this makes them seem even more special, and as a gift they would delight any Pokemon fan in your life.

You can create your own design by choosing from the adorable Pokemon motifs available, then deciding the positioning.

Choose from yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, then you’re good to go. Regardless of the colour, the necklace costs 29,800 yen (about $271).

You can catch your own customized Pokemon necklace by ordering online on the U-Treasure website from 25th January onwards.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.