Japanese Beverage Trends

It was just a matter of time before it happened.

The Japanese beverage market has seen several trends take shape in recent years. It started with flavored waters such as Coca-Cola's "I LOHAS" line of mineral water and sparkling water infused with fruit and vegetable flavors, then Suntory's Premium Morning Tea series surprised consumers by taking iced tea and even milk tea and turning them into completely transparent beverages.

At the same time, carbonated water, often called tansan 炭酸 in Japanese, also evolved. Reflecting a larger trend for foods with more intense flavors and sensations (such as Koikeya's STRONG potato chips series), more strongly carbonated soda water began to appear on store shelves.

Clear Tea Meets Strong Sparkling

In 2019, we may see a confluence of all of these trends, and Wilkinson, a respected leader in the carbonated water market, may be leading the way with its latest carbonated beverage.

Introducing Wilkinson Tansan Tea

According to their press release, by blending strongly carbonated water and black tea flavor, Wilkinson Tansan Tea has the "flavor and aroma of black tea," "a clean after-taste" and "a strong intensity only Wilkinson can provide," creating a satisfying beverage which goes perfectly with your meals.

Although the proof will be in the tasting, imagine unsweetened iced tea, but completely transparent, and strongly carbonated, and that might be close to what Wilkinson Tansan Tea will taste like.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, Wilkinson Tansan Tea will be available for 95 JPY in 500 ml plastic bottles and will go on sale April 16th, 2019.

By - Ben K.