It’s a well known cliché, that however much you spend on fancy beds and toys for your cats, they will always prefer the box it came in.

Japanese cat owner, @nyalunon17, found the fluffiest, most comfy cat bed only to have it ignored in favour of a random cardboard box lid. The original tweet went viral, thanks to the very relatable nature of the situation.

Source: nyalunon17

As the owner of several cats though, there must be at least one that would choose a warm and soft cat bed over an empty cardboard box. An experiment was conducted.

Source: nyalunon17

Out of five cats, there must be one. Right?

Source: nyalunon17

The experiment proved it. Given a choice, all cats would pick a box over a cat bed. It’s just science.

Luckily if you want to jazz the box up, the cat will still be interested, like this cardboard mecha that a couple made for their pet!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.