(Updated on 2/10 with information on availability and 1:1 scale version)

While Ariana Grande was getting grilled on Western social media for her humorous tattoo gaffe, much to the bafflement of many here in Japan, charcoal artist Sekisadamu (@gorovodka) was busy preparing a very unique product. His latest tweet on February 7th got barbecue fans fired up when he revealed the details:

Considering his tweet has over 11,400 likes and nearly 7,800 retweets at the time of writing, it's easy to understand why there was a lot of demand for his charcoal skulls when they went on sale at Wonder Festival, a semiannual event for mostly amateur figure modelers and sculptors to display and sell their latest creations, held at the Makuhari Messe convention center.

In fact, less than 40 minutes after the doors opened, all 261 of his charcoal skulls were already sold out.

Judging by reactions on social media in Japan and abroad, there are high hopes he will sell them online or at another venue in the near future...

Product Images

In case you're wondering how these charcoal skulls will look on your bonfire stand or barbecue grill, Sekisadamu posted some very illustrative photos on his Twitter account:

They look more like actual skulls after they've been used:

Sekisadamu packing his precious cargo and getting ready for Wonder Festival...

Whether you use them as decorative pieces in your home, for your regular barbecue grilling needs or maybe for that special Halloween barbecue party, these charcoal skulls will surely turn heads.

Update: 1:1 scale version

In addition to the current version now on sale, Sekisadamu revealed in a recent tweet that he is also developing a 1:1 scale version:

"When making the 1:1 [scale version], I intend separating it by skull parts. I'm still far from completing it but when I do, I'll have a charcoal of equivalent [size] to a skull. The difficulty is that there are over 20 parts [in a human skull] so it won't be cheap."

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By - Ben K.