In Japan, it's not uncommon to find some households that have a dedicated space or mantle for displays of miniature samurai armor and sword figures. The reasons for this can vary--such as a family that celebrating their samurai lineage, a centerpiece to pray for the strength of the family's children (particularly those who practice martial arts), or simply a fondness for the aesthetic. No matter the reason, those in search of impressive warrior displays should take a look at Japanese traditional figurine manufacturer Yoshitoku. While Yoshitoku specializes in beautiful hina-ningyo doll displays, in the past they've released many samurai armor and weapon displays, including a samurai Darth Vader.

Now Yoshitoku is turning their attention to the Dark Knight himself, with two different ornamental sets of Batman-themed samurai armor!

They've even gone as far as to give the armor set its own very own special kanji name--"蝙蝠侠" (Koumori-kyou). "蝙蝠" meaning "bat", and "侠" meaning "tough guy" or even "manly man". Or more fittingly--"Batman" with a bit of Japanese warrior style to it.

The piece, which is said to be designed as a representation of what Batman would look like during Japan's warring states period, is available in two varieties--sitting and standing, each with trademark ears and bat symbol, the sitting version with a stylized crest.

Fans in Japan can begin submitting reservations on March 1st at Yoshitoku's official shop, but be warned that each piece is 300,000 yen ($2,713.20 USD).

By - Big Neko.