White or light colored dress shirts often allow light to pass through, thus revealing your undershirt or your bare skin underneath.

According to Japanese fashion retailer Aoki, this has been a recurring concern among their customers. Thus, they created a new line of white dress shirts using a special fabric which significantly decreases the amount of light it allows to pass through. These shirts are now on sale through Aoki's ORIHICA brand, in retail shops as well as online.

ORIHICA Non See-Through White Dress Shirts

For the first time in a white dress shirt, Aoki used Toray's proprietary Sheltering White® fabric technology, creating an "non see-through white dress shirt" lineup, available in 20 different design variations.


Here are the characteristics of these new dress shirts:

  • Uses Toray's Sheltering White® technology, offering the consumer peace of mind while wearing a white dress shirt.
  • Shape Memory and stretchable. The shirt keeps its shape even after washing and stretches to allow freedom of movement.
  • Wide range of design variations. 20 different variations to suit consumers' individual needs.

The press release provides a very high-resolution image of the shirt, so here are three magnifications of the fabric, for your reference:

Perhaps even more than men, women feel limited to wearing white undergarments (bras, for example) under a white dress shirt (or blouse), so Aoki would surely find a receptive audience if they decided to offer the same fabric technology in a line of business wear for women.

Where to buy

In addition to ORIHICA brick-and-mortar shops in Japan, you can also order them online here. Price begin at 3,900 JPY (4,212 JPY with tax) a piece, 3 for 9,900 JPY or 5 for 14,900 JPY. 17 varieties are currently available online.

By - Ben K.