Pop Team Epic, a manga and anime series which made giving the finger a trend in Japan, seems like a strange bed fellow for the ultimate representative of the kawaii character goods world, Sanrio. But then again, Hello Kitty did perform a DJ set at a Sanrio Land rave and dropped the f-bomb on everyone, so perhaps they are more well suited than we thought…

Pop Team Epic is characterised by dark humour, satire and nonsense while Sanrio is the company known for Hello Kitty, and other sweet and cute, family friendly creations. They are currently running a collaboration cafe which combines characters and motifs from both of these seemingly opposing worlds.

Pop Team Epic's main protagonists Popuko and Pipimi have been Hello Kitty-ified for the Hello Kitty Cosplay Burger Set.

It's Batzumaru vs Popuko for the noodle set.

Enjoy a new taste with corn on top of a pancake for some reason. Even the custard inside the Pompompurin bowl is corn flavoured.

The clash of the brand image is shown well in this cream cheese topped blue Hawaii milk. Popuko is shown looking angered with crazy eyes, being held back by Sanrio's ineffably sweet duo, Kiki and Lala.

These days, a theme cafe isn't complete without some amazing latte art, or in this case, cinnamon hot chocolate art.

How to Get to the Pop Team Epic x Sanrio Characters Cafe

Location: Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store 8F

Open from 7th February to 14th April 2019

Full menu and prices available on website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.