As Japan's unusually early cherry blossom season approaches, sakura themed campaigns such as a bar that lets you dive into a pool of cherry blossoms and sakura flavored lattes and Frappuccinos from Starbucks begin to roll out in droves.

Lipton now looks to be throwing their hat in the cherry blossom ring starting from February 19th, when they will release their new Sakura Milk Tea--a cherry blossom spin on their popular milk tea.

According to a press release, the new release infuses the creamy milk taste of the popular tea with a sakura flavored finish and gentle fragrance, perfect for cherry blossom viewing parties. The carton's fluttering cherry blossom label is also a can't miss in stores throughout Japan, where it will be available as a limited Spring 2019 release for 135 yen.

By - Big Neko.