A few years ago, if you were told that Japan's "most popular schoolgirl" wasn't actually a human being, you probably would have guessed her to be an anime character, but Saya is actually a stunningly realistic 3-D computer-generated character.

Saya is actually the brainchild of Yuka Ishikawa, a freelance CG Artist and her husband Teruyuki Ishikawa. The "3DCG beautiful girl" gained a very dedicated following of fans who fell in love with her after initially thinking her to be a beautiful (as well as living) schoolgirl. The virtual human's improvements over the year have been eerily impressive.

Fans saw perhaps the closest Saya will ever get to entering the real world, however, when (actual human) model Saori Takayama (@saotvos) decided to cosplay as the virtual model after being told many times that she resembled Saya, and the reproduction was uncanny!

Now another cosplay challenge awaits for Takayama in the form of what may be Saya's only competition--imma, a super realistic virtual fashion model that has been dominating Instagram and even magazine covers in Japan.

But it appears there's just enough of a similarity between Saya and imma that Takayama has the perfect likeness to pull off. In the case of an imma cosplay, only a pink wig was needed.

Although perhaps its Takayama's mannerisms and facial expressions that complete her ability to mimic virtual mimicking reality--at the 2017 Tokyo Game Show, she convinced many in attendance and online that she was a "real life android" and the latest model of Saya.

By - Big Neko.