Japanese condom maker Sagami released the results of its Nippon no Sekkusu ニッポンのセックス (Japan Sex) survey conducted online between October 25th and November 5th, 2018. Just like the previous survey five years earlier, 14,100 men and women aged 20 to 60 from the 47 prefectures of Japan were asked a broad range of questions about their experiences and attitudes towards relationships and sex.

Comparing the 2013 results with the 2018 results reveals interesting societal and attitudinal changes...


We listed up a few interesting conclusions:

Japanese women are indicating a broader range of potential love interests

Whereas the the number of women in their 20s who replied "women" or "men and women" as their possible love interests was 12.2% in 2013, that number increased by 3.2% to 15.5% in 2018. Moreover, the number of women who replied similarly increased across all age groups. Perhaps this indicates a greater openness in Japanese society resulting in respondents feeling more comfortable in their replies.

More young Japanese are losing their virginity but more over 30 are staying virgins

Whereas 40.6% of men and 25.5% of women in their 20s responded that they were virgins in 2013, that number decreased in 2018 to 34.1% of men and 20.9% of women. At the same time, the number of virgins among respondents over 30 increased as a whole.

For more Japanese, their first sex partner was not who they were dating

Whereas the number of men whose first sex partners were not someone they were currently dating was 28.1% in 2013, that number increased by 3.6% to 31.7% in 2018. For women, the increase was even higher at 4.4%, going from 10% in 2013 to 14.4% in 2018.

More Japanese are losing their virginity through social media

As expected, respondents mentioned "SNS such as Facebook" more frequently in 2018 than in 2013 as the way they met their first sex partner. Although the response ranked 9th out of all total ways and accounted for 2.8% of all responses in 2018, it ranked 3rd among all respondents in their 20s and accounted for 7.3% in men, raising 4.3% from 3% in 2013, and 11.2% in women, raising 7.4% from 3.8% in 2013.

Japanese are having more sex partners but young males fewer

The average number of sex partners which respondents of all ages have had went up by 1 person, from 8.1 in 2013 to 9.1 in 2018. The average number decreased for Japanese men in their 20s, however, dropping by 0.7 from 7.4 in 2013 to 6.7 in 2018.

By Region

Now for a regional (prefectural) breakdown of the 2018 results...

Okinawa, Aomori and Fukushima residents were earliest to lose their virginity, Nara, Tokyo and Shizuoka the latest.

Although we're only talking about a small difference between the ages of 19 and 20, here are the numbers for the record. Okinawa Prefecture respondents were in first place for earliest to have sex, at 19.69 years old, with Aomori and Fukushima tied for second at 19.72. Meanwhile, Nara came in first place for latest to have sex, at 20.98 years old, Tokyo second at 20.93 and Shizuoka third at 20.8 years old.

Okinawa, Chiba and Tokyo had the most sexual partners, Shimane, Nara and Hiroshima the fewest.

Once again, Okinawa residents came first, at 13.04 partners, followed by Chiba at 12.85 and Tokyo at 12.33 partners. On the other hand, Shimane residents had the fewest sexual partners, or 5.98, followed by Nara at 6.66 and Hiroshima at 6.79 partners.

Kagoshima, Kyoto and Iwate residents have sex most often with their spouses or steady dates, Kanagawa, Niigata and Nara the least.

When it comes to sex with their spouses or dating partners, Kagoshima residents get it on the most at an average of 2.87 times a month, followed by Kyoto at 2.77, and Iwate at 2.64 times a month. Kanagawa Prefecture residents settled for 1.63 times a month, the least frequent in Japan, with Niigata coming in second at 1.64 and Nara third at 1.78.

Fukushima, Tottori and Ibaraki residents have sex most often with partners other than their spouses or steady dates, Saitama, Nara and Kanagawa the least.

Out of all respondents who had sex with partners other than their spouses or steady dates, Fukushima Prefecture respondents had sex the most often at 4.29 times a month, with Tottori coming in second at 4.09 and Ibaraki third at 3.93 times a month. Residents of Saitama Prefecture, on the other hand, had sex the least often at 0.95 times a month, followed by Nara at 1.33 times and Kanagawa Prefecture at 1.42 times.

Akita, Aomori and Ishikawa residents masturbate the most often, Okayama, Wakayama and Kanagawa the least.

Akita Prefecture residents who responded to this survey enjoy masturbating the most, it would seem, earning first place in this category at 4.98 times a month, with Aomori coming second at 4.83 and Ishikawa third at 4.69 times. Okayama residents masturbate the least, at 3.37 times a month, Wakayama coming in second at 3.5 and Kanagawa third at 3.59 times.

Saitama, Yamagata and Tokyo residents are most likely to use condoms, Kochi, Okinawa and Saga the least.

Respondents from Saitama Prefecture came in first for most likely to use a condom at 50.67%, whith Yamagata Prefecture coming in second at 50.33% and Tokyo third at 49.67%. On the other side, respondents from Kochi Prefecture were least likely to use a condom at 36.67%, with Okinawa coming in second at 37% and Saga third at 37.33%.

Saitama, Kyoto and Wakayama residents are most likely to cheat on their partners, Tottori, Shimane and Mie the least.

When it comes to cheating on their spouses or steady dates, Saitama Prefecture residents took the first place with 31.03% of respondents saying they had, followed by Kyoto at 25.63% and Wakayama Prefecture at 24.27%. The most faithful prefecture was Tottori with only 14.88% responding that they had cheated, with Shimane Prefecture second at 16.74% and Mie Prefecture third at 16.94%.

Miyazaki, Shimane and Iwate residents are most satisfied with their sex lives, Niigata, Kagawa and Hiroshima the least.

Having sex is one thing, enjoying it is another. It would seem that respondents from Miyazaki Prefecture were the happiest with 57.36% indicating they were satisfied with their sex life, followed by Shimane Prefecture at 56.76% and Iwate Prefecture coming in third at 56.15%. Meanwhile, the least satisfied were the respondents from Niigata Prefecture, with only 43.38% indicating their were satisfied with their sex life. Kagawa Prefecture was second at 46.05% and Hiroshima third at 46.44%

If you'd like to review all the results for yourself, in further details, you can visit Sagami Rubber's special page for their Nippon Sex survey.

By - Ben K.