Every once in a while, Japanese Twitter will break out a hashtag that shows off talented artists, handicraft makers, and cosplayers--as seen with the "A festival to spread my work out to more people!" hashtag. The latest trending hashtag, however, is calling attention to a different type of talent. It's called "猫の写真へたくそ選手権", which basically translates to "poorly taken photos of cats championship", and it's showcasing not only people who aren't so great at taking pictures of their feline friends, but cats who are modeling in their not so flattering moments!

If you search the hashtag "猫の写真へたくそ選手権" on Twitter, you'll find quite the impressive collection of kitties caught in hilarious poses or simply not depicted in a photo as originally intended. Here are just a few of our favorites from what looks to be a tough championship bout to decide!

By - Big Neko.