If you've heard of cosplay model and designer Moira Design, it may be because of quirky but creative takes on Japanese school swimsuits (Sukumizu) such as the Bunny Ear Nurse School Swimsuit and "nerd and fetish" Gakuran School Uniform Swimsuit. A good majority of Moira Design releases are eye-catching outfits or swimsuits meant for cosplayers, models, or simply taking funny pictures to put on Instagram, and their latest offering is no different. The "Even adults want to give up and be a baby" suit.

The "Sugar Romper" and bonnet set was inspired by the Japanese phrase "ogyaritai", which means wanting to return to a state of infancy, but is used to express desire to completely give up and retreat from stress, responsibility, etc. Obviously this takes the phrase and spins it into a cute aesthetic, complete with bonnet, round collar, and satin ribbon. It's available in three colors--baby pink, baby blue, and black.

In the photos below, it's modeled by cosplayer and maid cafe proprietor Gyava.

A fastener and elastic material used in swimsuits make it flexible for different body types.

It's being sold domestically (with sizes S/M/XXXL) in Japan at Village Vanguard, but for those abroad, ordering directly from Moira Design is also an option. It's priced at 19,800 yen (as a set, pieces can be ordered individually).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.