Japanese creative design team Mocolle (whose official brand concept is "Wouldn't it be nice if this existed?") has quite the resume of clothing based on fantasies drawn from popular culture realized through successful crowdfunding campaigns. In the past, their collaborations with artists and cosplayers has turned into releases of ninja girl bikinis, shrine maiden loungewear, and recently a succubus swimsuit.

Their latest endeavor is an homage to "gyaru" (gal) Japanese street fashion, and it's called the the "Gyaru style JK (joshi kousei, or high school girl) swimsuit". Here it is modeled by popular cosplayer Chamomile, who we've had the pleasure of introducing and interviewing before, and photographed by Ke-taro.

The idea for the swimsuit's design came from Chamomile herself, who says she wanted a cute uniform style swimsuit for those who are concerned about sunburn or exposing their arms, back, and butt in front of others. While it is a swimsuit, much like with other Mocolle releases, the item is sure to be a hit with cosplayers and models on social media, as the release campaign has cleared its crowdfunding goal of 500,000 yen by 145% at the time of writing.

The swimsuit is available in Japanese small and medium sizes, in pink, blue, and gray colors.




The bra portion of the outfit is designed to reproduce the image of a tied shirt, while the skirt is pleated as a uniform skirt.

The project has different reward tiers and prices, such as any color individual swimsuit for 8,250 yen, two for 16,500, and a package of three for 24,300 yen. Fans of Chamomile can also opt for packages that include a thank you message from the cosplayer herself, as well as autographed photographs. At this shipping is only limited to within Japan.

By - Big Neko.