Ameya Yokocho アメヤ横丁, or Ameyoko, as it is more commonly called, is a famous open-air street market in Tokyo's Ueno district which is very popular with tourists. According to one theory, the word ameya in the market's name came from the word "candy shop" (飴屋) due to the numerous shops selling candy there in the early post-war period when sugar was in short supply. You can still buy candy, as well as all manner of fresh and dried goods and sundries.

So, when the Ameyoko Street Market decided to created its own idol unit in 2014, it called it bonbon ange, meaning "candy angel" in French. Although the unit, which started out with five members, has seen several additions and graduations in its five year history, bonbon ange currently has one idol representing it, 12-year-old Momo Ikeda.

On March 17th, Ueno's historic Matsuzakaya Department Store will have its first-ever rooftop idol event called 「上野×アイドル×スカイステージ」Ueno X Idol X Sky Stage, where Momo Ikeda, just a week shy of her elementary school graduation ceremony, will debut bonbon ange's first song produced by a major artist.

Entitled 「すんごい12歳」Sungoi Jūnisai (An awesome 12-year-old), the song is produced by singer-songwriter Makoto Sekiguchi, former member of '80s pop rock group The CoConut Boys and known for providing music for such recognized musicians as Akina Nakamori and Hiroshi Itsuki, just to name a few.

The event is free to attend, so if you want to show your support for Ameyoko's Street Market and bonbon ange, come up to the rooftop of Matsuzakaya Deparment Store on March 17th!

Event Details

  • Name: 「上野×アイドル×スカイステージ」Ueno X Idol X Sky Stage
  • Date: March 17th (Sun.)
  • Place: Matsuzakaya Department Store, Ueno, Main Building (Honkan), Rooftop
  • Time: 11:00 (begins) to 13:00 (ends), everyone must leave by 14:00
  • Admission: Free (Photo area: 1,000 JPY)
  • Capacity: 100 seats
  • Performers: bonbon ange (Momo Ikeda), Karen Koizumi, WhiteLaceZOKU and more...

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.