Whether they're modeling for magazines, photo-books, or special events, Japanese gravure idols can go to some creative lengths during photo shoots, but the clamor of surprise from Shihomi Yoshino's fans sparked a truly unique impromptu modeling session when she took to Twitter and posted a photo of her bathroom.

"This is a gravure idol's bathtub."

Yes, that's a lot of fish hung out to dry from Yoshino's shower curtain rod and taking up most of the space above her bathtub. Upon first glance, many were taken aback at the image, and shocked at the implication that she either bathed that way or was planning a fishy photo-shoot. Followers of Yoshino may not have been so surprised, however, as they know that the model is an avid enthusiast for fishing and preparing fish in cooking.

When Yoshino isn't posing for the camera...

There's a good chance she's out on a boat hauling in fish.

And stocking her fridge with fish which she uses in a variety of dishes.

When Yoshino noticed the viral reaction to her Tweet, however, she decided to have a little fun and entertain the initial idea of those not in the know by providing an impromptu "photo shoot".

"This is the first time one of my tweets has buzzed like this so I tried out "dried fish gravure". Thanks to all of you who are learning about (my hobby) for the first time! I'm a gravure idol whose hobbies are fishing and rock climbing."

But of course, many Twitter users asked "Why the bath tub? Aren't you bothered by the smell?" Yoshino explained that she spends a lot of time properly preparing and cleaning out the fish, as well as brining them so there's not much of a smell issue. She's also worried that doing it outside would result in them being targeted by birds or being exposed to exhaust fumes.

Well, there you have it, the rare Venn diagram intersection of fishing fans and gravure idols showing up. If you're interested in following her modeling activities or fishing adventures, you can check out Yoshino on Twitter and Instagram.

By - Big Neko.