Something us Japan-lovers are often told by skeptics is that ‘Japan isn’t like the animes! Don’t get caught up in fantasies! It’s just a normal place!'

Well I say to those people... explain this!

Source: kosuzu7954

A Japanese Twitter user on his way to work casually stumbled upon a cat which is clearly casting a protective barrier on itself, straight out of an anime or JRPG.

All jokes aside, this isn’t an edit, just a cool coincidence. The uploader of the photo took it quickly without looking, and the sunlight had created this cool rainbow light effect which was caught on camera.

The photo went viral on the Japanese Twittersphere, attracting comments such as,

‘This cat looks strong…’

‘It looks like the AT field out of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion’

So proof that actually sometimes, Japan is like in the animes. Take that skeptics!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.