Japan's gorgeous cherry blossom season often steals headlines with its bevy of sakura-flavored goods, but the lesser known Japanese plum blossom (ume) are every bit as stunning and beautiful. In particular, shidare ume (weeping plum) trees and branches provide for sprawling floral displays that almost look like fireworks.

In full bloom they are a magical spectacle, but much like their sakura counterparts, weeping plum flowers often fall to the ground without having the chance to completely bloom. Fortunately Japanese Twitter user Edamame Midori (@edamame_midori) takes the would-be dazzling plum blossoms and lets them realize their potential by collecting them and carefully resting them in a bed of water.

After a few days, the weeping plum blossoms were "resurrected" into a splendid visual. Midori does this yearly, saying "if you give them just a little bit of help, they can bloom properly."

By - Big Neko.