In the past we've seen Japanese-themed watches that tap into both modern popular and traditional culture, including charming Studio Ghibli-themed watches and even a model based off of Japan's most famous samurai duel. Now Casio's MR-G Series of the G-Shock brand is literally offering a cutting edge watch by teaming up with a world-renowned Japanese swordmaster.

The premium wristwatch is a collaboration with swordsmith Sadanobu Gassan that aims to blend the traditional Japanese craft of swordmaking with the latest technology from Casio. While the deep violet and red colors of the titanium case are said to recreate the image of a Japanese blade being heated and hardened, the watch's signature mark of craftsmanship is found on the center links, observable in the promotional video.

The center links of the watch feature what is called a Yasuri-me, or rasp mark, applied directly by Sadanobu Gassan, recognized by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and director of the All Japan Swordsmith Association. These decorative marks are used on actual swords to keep the blade from falling out of its grip. Casio explains that the watch's link contains the initial character of the famous 800-year-old swordsmith family Gassan's motto 鍛刀一筋 “Tan-tou-hito-suji” (devotion to the forging of swords).

Full specs of the MRG-G2000GA can be seen on the Casio homepage. The watch will be released in a limited batch of 300 worldwide from select G-SHOCK retailers for $7,400.

By - Big Neko.