One nearly universally practiced customs at Japanese companies is the sobetsukai, or farewell party thrown for workers retiring or as is often the case, transferring to a new company. Typically, the coworkers of the departing worker organize the party, as well as a small gift given to the worker as a token of appreciation. But perhaps tapping into a need for workers leaving their company who never really hit it off with their colleagues or fit in, Japanese chain pub and restaurant Gochisou Mura is now offering a "solo sobetsukai" plan where the restaurant staff stage a farewell party for customers who visit alone.

While you might just consider going out with friends to celebrate, Gochisou Mura, which has 12 restaurants in Hyogo prefecture and 9 in Kyoto, says that their idea to offer the plan came from hearing complaints of workers who left their company but were given no proper sendoff and wanted to experience one. That's why the plan includes some celebratory time with the staff who will cheer drinks with you. The menu's party spread also includes a card with well-wishes and message of gratitude typically said at a sobetsukai. The menu itself includes 7 items, and depending on the meat main entree you select runs between 3000-400 yen.

Cutesy characters thanking you for your hard work and wishing you a bright future!

Gochisou mura only makes two requests: that customers come alone and make a reservation at least two days in advance. Also, as the picture below illustrates, you need to bring your own farewell flowers. The event only runs until the end of March (typically when work transfers/retirements happen), so if you'd like to try it out soon, make it quick and find the nearest Gochisou mura location at their website.

By - Big Neko.