The gigantic and grotesque human-eating monsters of worldwide hit Japanese anime and manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) are truly fearsome monstrosities. Fortunately, we likely don't have to worry about ever encountering anything quite so terrifying in the real world barring the realization of the manga's apocalyptic events.

However! If there really are Titans walking among us, Twitter user and anime fan Kazuma may have revealed the secret of their existence and their favorite hideout. Kazuma pointed out a possible Titan lurking in the background of a video posted by sgroi_carmelo, who seems to enjoy posting videos of models showing off their bodies on the beach. You won't have to look too closely, as the Titan completely steals the scene.

Ok, so it may just be a jolly man enjoying his stroll on the beach (and his view of the video's main purpose), but others noticed the striking resemblance he has to the impossibly happy grins and walking pattern of the Titans, and it appears he fits right into their terrifying world! ArtistRakintor re-imagined it as an anime scene.

By - Big Neko.