Japanese university student and papercraft artist @02ESyRaez4VhR2l (Haruki) has really impressed on Twitter with his ability to turn the empty boxes of snacks and chocolates into works of paper art. He was even featured on national television for turning Pringles cans into a dapper boy band of Pringles mascots, as well as chocolate packaging into a Final Fantasy-esque airship.

Now the genius papercraft artist is back, taking empty boxes of popular Japanese chocolate "Charlotte" and expertly transforming them into a living and breathing candyland!

Haruki took four of each colored packages below (sixteen in total), broke them down and then reconstructed them into a wonderfully detailed village.

Each box already features a chocolate store building offering the coordinating flavor, so Haruki took advantage of that built a beautiful diorama town centered around them and the extra boxes he used to flesh out their details. As you can also see, he took the shop owners and animals on the label and turned them into active members

Users on Twitter have been delighted by the no-doubt painstaking project, saying it looks like a nostalgic town that would be featured in a Studio Ghibli film (particularly The Castle of Cagliostro). Midori Asano, the actual illustrator for Charlotte boxes, also praised the work. Hopefully we continue to see more and more charming paper creations from Haruki as his skills continue to grow.

By - Big Neko.