Long celebrated by Japanese poets for their ephemeral beauty and delicate scent, Japanese cherry blossoms (sakura) also provide the ideal backdrop for a picnic with family, friends or work colleagues, often with ample supply of beer or sake to make things even merrier.

But you don't need to live in Japan or even go on a picnic to celebrate sakura season if you own a rocks glass, tumbler or sake glass from the SAKURASAKU glassware collection.

Just released from BAR TIMES, a Japanese company furnishing bar supplies and fine glassware both in their Ginza store and their online shop, these SAKURASAKU glasses are not only elegant and beautifully designed, they have a special feature inspired by the cultural legacy of the sakura. Just as the blossoms of the cherry trees are beautiful yet short-lived, the bases of each glass in this collection will create short-lived sakura petal-shaped imprints on your tablecloth made from the dew that forms when you pour a cold beverage of choice.

The rocks and tumbler glasses are skillfully created by craftsmen trained in traditional Edo glassware, and come in clear, frosted white and frosted pink finishes, while the sake glass is only available in clear glass. Rocks glasses are 2,800 JPY (tax excl.) each or 5,000 JPY (tax incl.) for a set of frosted white and pink, while the tumbler glasses are 2,500 JPY (tax incl.) each or 4,500 JPY (tax incl.) for a set of frosted white and pink.

Moreover, if you buy any glass in the series between now and April 26th, you'll also get a special tenugui wrapping cloth as a complimentary gift. You can use it to wrap up a bottle of sake, your bento box lunch or anything else you choose to wrap.

The glasses all come in this beautiful sakura-themed box, so they make great gifts too.

To see the entire collection in more detail, visit their product page here.

How to order

If you're shipping to a Japanese address, use their Japanese online shop here.

If you're shipping outside of Japan, visit their international site here. As they explain, you can order items which are listed on their Japanese site but not on their international site by sending them an email. Instructions are listed here.

By - Ben K.