Japanese miso soup paste manufacturer Marukome has a history of making heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking commercials, but their latest animated effort is specifically being praised for its way of tapping into both the common plights and rewarding moments of being a single mother. The commercial is a collaborative effort with animation and visual effects studio Robot Communications, and gives a touching look into a day spent between single mother Mamiko (voiced by Japanese actress Non) and her son, Riku.

The commercial begins with Mamiko waking up to find that she is feeling ill, and has to phone into her disappointed employer to say that she needs the day off. Mamiko is equally upset at the timing of her fever, but finds out there is more bad news when her son Riku tells her he has a stomachache. Before calling school to get the day off for Riku as well, she remarks that "reality isn't so easy."

Riku awakens from resting to find his mother cooking in the kitchen, but the sick Mamiko apologizes that for today's menu all she can make is okayu (Japanese rice porridge) and miso soup. Riku fetches the miso soup paste for her, and they work on a simple meal.

But Mamiko lies in bed awake and laments to herself, "I have to get it together. Even though all this kid has is me...when I work, I end up thinking about household chores, when I do household chores, I end up thinking about work...I'm not doing either properly at all! I'm sorry for being a mother you can't depend on."

A few days later, Mamiko rushes to school with a permission slip she's been late in delivering to Riku's homeroom teacher. She's taken aback at his response, "It sounds like Riku had a fun time with you the other day," and hands her a note of his own.

It's Riku's drawing of a report on his sick day. "Yesterday I rested at home together with my mom. We made miso soup together! We were at home alllll day together! I'd like to do that again sometime!" with the playback revealing that as his mother was crying and resenting herself, the son was smiling and enjoying their time together.

Touched by his note and encouraged that things are actually working out between the two, she runs and embraces him as she picks him up from school. While obviously an advertisement for Marukome's product, the commercial seems to be saying that even in trying times, such as a sick day between mother and son, a simple bonding moment over a bowl of miso soup might mean more than we really think.

Of course, it's a much better watch than it is read, so check it out below!

By - Big Neko.