Many crossovers we see consisting of Japanese entertainment giants seem like they would be a natural fit, as seen with the merchandise and events that consist of the ongoing Neon Genesis Evangelion vs. Godzilla. One possibly nobody saw coming, however, was a crossover battle to commemorate Mobile Suit Gundam's 40th anniversary and Hello Kitty's 45th birthday with Gundam vs. Hello Kitty!

The key component of the crossover is a "choose your fighter" website and supporting them via the mobile LINE app in a Team Kitty vs. Team Gundam battle where fans can win a variety of prizes, but the highlight so far seems to be the launch trailer that gives a background story to just how on earth Hello Kitty could end up doing battle in the Gundam universe:

While preparing for a tea party, Kitty-chan is horrified to learn via a television distress signal that there is an ongoing conflict in the U.C. Mobile Suit Gundam universe, in which protagonist Amuro Ray is conflicted as he must kill others. Kitty-chan, ever the pacifist, cries out that everyone should just be friends, imploring them not to kill one another and that talking things over will help. In an effort to end the battle--or start a larger one--she warps into the Gundam universe as a giant mobile Kitty-chan!

It ends with a "to be continued", so you can expect more. And while the two star franchises may come to blows in animated form, the actual campaign is more of a fan-vote popularity contest. Fans are asked to first friend the Gundam vs. Hello Kitty account on the LINE messaging app, then choose a side. Depending on your allegiance, the layout of the official website changes. Each time can rack up points to support their chosen fighter by visiting stores cooperating in the campaign--such as popular udon chain Marugame Seimen and Itoyokado shopping center. By doing so, they can win awards such as LINE stamps and wallpapers, shirts, fan event tickets, and other Gundam/Hello Kitty-themed merchandise.

Hello Kitty/Gundam chopstick sets

Hello Kitty/Gundam udon shirts

Hello Kitty/Gundam collector cards

It sounds like the stakes are pretty high...

The official website provides additional information to be updated, as well as LINE account instruction. Hopefully a new anime video will be coming soon too!

By - Big Neko.