The Shoebill is a fascinating bird, especially in appearance. While we've seen the statue-like bird recreated as strangely adorable Japanese "fake sweets" and even terrifyingly ultra-realistic masks, the Kakegawa Bird Park in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan allows for visitors to see just how intriguing a shoebill is in person, particularly during feeding time.

Enter Futaba, an apparently picky eater of a shoebill who is enjoying feeding time at the bird park in the Tweet below. While Futaba normally enjoys a healthy batch of rainbow trout at feeding time, today the stern-looking bird seems to be in the mood for one, and one only. Watch Futaba physically express disapproval of the unworthy fish!

Futaba vigorously shakes her when when offered fish she determines to be unappealing, and wolfs down apparently the one trout she had been waiting for. Apparently, shoebills can be quite picky eaters!

By - Big Neko.