A German advertisement in which an Asian woman is excited over smelling dirty underwear discarded by white men and sold in a vending machine has been met with accusations of racism and sexism, but the company behind the commercial is adamant that those claims are unfounded.

German DIY and home improvement store-chain Hornbach produced a commercial in which men are shown working hard in a garden. The men then take off their soiled clothes and dump them into a box. The commercial shows the dirty clothing being packaged, and then cuts away to another country where a woman is shown buying the clothes from a vending machine, sniffing them, and relishing the scent. The commercial finishes with the slogan "That’s how the spring smells.”

The commercial has been subject to heavy criticism on social media, with many decrying it as sexist and pushing harmful racial stereotypes. While Hornbach claims that city with the underpants vending machine in the commercial is fictional, several on Twitter have seen it as a reference to adult vending machines in Japan that sell used panties. A petition to remove the commercial calling it "humiliating representation of women" and objectifying. At the time of writing, the petition has 15,000 signatures.

Hornbach has defended the commercial, saying it's advertisement is about the threat of rapid urbanization and commercializing natural life, a critique aimed at everyone and not just Asian women.

Still, many remain upset at the commercial say it is not appropriate and feel it sexualizes Asian women specifically.

By - Big Neko.