The Seiko Presage is an innovative watch, the main feature being a Japanese cracker used as the watch face. The ‘senbei dial’ boasts the richest taste in the world and is inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics, grilled to perfection by the skilled hands of a master ‘senbei artisan’.

Seiko, luxury watch makers, and senbei, a classic Japanese rice cracker snack, may seem like strange bedfellows to some.

But to those naysayers we say… you are completely right. If you allow your eyes to drift towards the URL of the landing page, you’ll see it filed under ‘April Fools, 2019’.

But plenty of effort has gone into this mock product announcement, including the creation of the pretty convincing landing page, complete with awards the new product has ‘won’, such as ‘Best Watch with Japanese Tea Gold Award 2019’ and ‘Soy Sauce Watch Competition Top Prize’.

Seiko even went as far as creating a surreal video showing the craftsman carefully creating each individual senbei watch.

First, he grills each cracker to perfection and gives it a wash of soy sauce. Then the seaweed numerals are painstakingly arranged on the cracker watch face.

It was an impressive April Fools turn from Seiko, but sorry to any diehard cracker fans who actually wanted to buy the Senbei Seiko…

By - grape Japan editorial staff.