Although you don’t hear about so many April Fools Day pranks being pulled by the general public in Japan, companies see it as a great promotional chance to think up the weirdest, funniest and most surreal products they can. This year's April 1st was no different with a very suspicious amount of strange products being revealed...

The opposite of boneless chicken, KFC announced they were selling just the bare bones, at the very unreasonable price of 250 yen for one and 1500 yen for a bucket. Supposedly giving in to a great demand, they also suggested in the tweet that they would be great to use in nabe or ramen, presumably for making the broth. Sold for just one day, April 1st, the game was ultimately given away by the use of the April Fool’s hashtag.

Mineral water ILOHAS have given us plenty of delicious flavoured waters before, such as peach and orange, but with their April 1st announcement, they’re looking out for people who have missed breakfast. If your mornings are too busy, get your morning boost of energy from rice or bread flavoured water.

Watch makers Seiko took a break from their usual slick designs for something a bit more homey. A wristwatch with a dial made from a traditional Japanese cracker. Seiko especially went all in with this prank, creating a surreal video including a ‘senbei artisan’ grilling each cracker to perfection then carefully arranging seaweed numerals.

Japan has its fair share of cool potato chip flavours, one of the most enduring being the pizza flavoured potato chips from Calbee. I mean who could get bored of pizza crisps? They’re so beloved that Calbee thought, hey, how about a drinkable version? Thank god It was just an April Fools Day prank.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.