Japan’s matcha boom doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon. The classic flavour is a long time staple of Japanese cuisine, but now, perhaps spurred by overseas popularity, it seems Japan just can’t get enough of the green stuff.

This matcha themed sweets buffet in Hotel New Otani Makuhari, situated in Chiba nearby Tokyo, isn’t the first all-you-can-eat green tea sweets extravaganza, but it could very well be one of the most luxurious.

Uji matcha, characterised by it's rich, bitter taste, comes from and is named for Kyoto's tea growing capital, Uji. Famous for high quality matcha, the sweets in this luxurious buffet are made with copious amounts of Uji green tea, for an intense matcha flavour.

Combining matcha with the sweet flavour of desserts brings out the distinctive taste even more, and the hotel particularly recommends the Uji matcha roll cake and Uji matcha tiramisu. They also boast that their 'Edo Sweets' range was arranged by their grand chef who transforms traditional Japanese desserts with a contemporary twist.

Sadly, it’s not the cheapest dessert buffet going. The lunchtime price for an adult is 5000 yen (about $50).

But if it makes you feel better, desserts aren’t the only dishes included in the buffet. There’s also savoury options like steak and sushi, which are also all-you-can-eat.

Although 5000 yen may seem a bit steep at first, considering the quality of the food that you can stuff in your face until you explode, perhaps it’s not so bad after all.

Matcha Buffet Website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.