The Kano sisters are a common sight on Japanese variety shows. For years the siblings have been building their brand, known for their revealing and outlandish fashion, ostentatious lifestyles and buxom figures.

Apart from television appearances they also conduct seminars as ‘lifestyle consultants’ using their extensive experience to coach women on how to assert themselves in the world and find success.

The feisty duo never let their gender get in the way of them expressing themselves, case in point, their amazing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplays in which they perfectly pull off the costumes of both male and female characters.

The Kano sisters certainly have the figure to turn themselves into many female anime characters. Their recent streak of Jojo characters started with one of the few ladies in the series, Trish Una, in a showstopping turn by Mika Kano.

But arguably more impressive is the male character cosplays that followed. Kyoko Kano managed to completely suppress her curvaceous figure, with the help of a bust belt, body plate and muscle shirt, leading to the portrayal of a pretty believable Giorno Giovanna.

Kyoko didn’t stop there, she recently uploaded pics of another brilliant Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure cosplay. This time as Bruno Bucciarati.

The sisters have both previously expressed a love for anime and manga, cosplaying a range of different characters and attending conventions and events. Many Japanese fans are hoping that their excellent cosplay escapades will continue indefinitely!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.