At any given time in Japan, there will be a special, limited time only Frappuccino on the menu in Starbucks. The coffee chain seems to never run out of creative steam, offering up new and interesting creations every time.

The newest drink duo will be called ‘#STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO’, with two creamy beverages to try out, a red and a white option. The individual names of each drink also come pre-hashtagged, presumably for optimal Instagrammability.

Announced as the first items in Starbucks Japan’s Summer Series, both of the fruity concoctions look like a sweet and refreshing accompaniment to fun in the sun.

Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino Red (#STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO__RED) has a strawberry base, sauce and powder giving it that overwhelming strawberry taste. Overall the frapp is described as fruity, sweetly sour and incredibly juicy.

Next up, the Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino White (#STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO__WHITE) has white mocha syrup in the base and juicy strawberry pulp. Strawberry flavour macaron pieces give a saccharine crunchiness to the beverage.

To celebrate the release of the Frappuccino set, which Starbucks is calling ‘strawberry twins’, there will be twin pop-up stores opening for a limited time only in Tokyo Midtown’s courtyard. The space uses the red and white motif to create the perfect photo spots for Frappuccino fans, encouraging them to use the hashtags in their social media posts.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The strawberry extravaganzas will go on sale in Starbucks all over Japan from 11th April until 14th May. But if you just can't wait, they will be released a day early to be picked up in six different branches around Roppongi from 1pm. The red and white photo spot is also located in Roppongi, so you can get the perfect shot to make all your friends jealous.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.