The Kano sisters appear regularly on Japanese TV, known for their larger than life personas based around their extravagant lifestyles and buxom figures.

But something the general Japanese public may not know about them is that they have a love of anime and manga which they express through amazing and high quality cosplays which they share with us through social media.

They’ve been on a bit of a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure binge recently, starting with Mika Kano as Trish Una.

But even more impressive are the male character cosplays. Despite being known for having a very womanly figure, Kyoko Kano managed to completely compress her curves, using a bust belt, body plate and muscle shirt, to pull off some pretty convincing male cosplays.

Continuing the streak, Kyoko just revealed her cosplay as Melone, a character who gets called the ‘hentai character’ by Japanese fans, due to often displaying a lustful disposition.

Kyoko’s cosplay seems to reference this as she sticks out her tongue when posing, possibly as a nod to a scene when Melone licks his lips while looking at a woman’s legs.

The sisters have won many new fans with their faithful cosplays, showing an impressive attention to detail. Who knows which character the Kano sisters will tackle next?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.