Artists practiced in kirie, the traditional art of Japanese paper cutting, often take washi paper and make such beautiful and intricate carvings that it's hard to believe they are sometimes performed with one cut. While not everyone has the patience or skill to make their own, paper art company WAO!POP is giving people an opportunity to send gorgeously crafted kirie creations as letters and messages with pop up Japanese paper cutting art.

While we often want to surprise our loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries, it's rare that a card alone does the trick. WAO!POP's petal series is developed by Vietnam's Paper Art Vet Co. and Japan's Konishi Printing Office, embeds beautifully detailed trees that emerge from the card as you open them, with fallen petals decorating the "ground" of the card.

The series seems to reflect the leaf colors of the Japanese seasons, with beautiful koyo leaves and sakura.

Of course, it's not just trees and flower petals. WAO!POP produces a number of popup cards featuring animals, landscapes, and even pirate ships. Below are a beautiful Japanese crane, Mt. Fuji, wisteria tree, and maneki neko!

If you're in Japan, the petal series can be ordered from our Japanese page's online store, while those abroad will find the petal series as well as others available on Amazon.

By - Big Neko.