On April 10th, news broke that astronomers succeeded in taking the first ever image of a black hole. Located 31 million trillion miles from Earth at the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy in the Virgo galaxy cluster and measuring nearly 25 billion miles across, the massive black hole revealed in the historic photograph was just as scientists had imagined, circular in shape and surrounded by a red and yellow halo of gas.

Meanwhile, in Japan, illustrator サバイバル刃 SurvivalKnife was inspired to create an anthropomorphized version of the black hole, and posted it to his Twitter account:

サバイバル刃 Survivalknife

In his vision, the black hole (which some commenters seem to be calling "Blackhole-chan") is portrayed as an evil-looking anime girl hovering in space with jet black hair highlighted by reddish tinges from a red light source behind her and staring ahead with glowing reddish yellow eyes. She seems to have an appetite for planets in our Solar System.

By - Ben K.