Fortunately for fans of last year's hit series SSSS.GRIDMAN, goods related to the anime are finally coming out in decent quantities. For example, as we reported in February, the first quality figures (of Rikka Takarada and Akane Shinjo) were announced.

Fans of Sho Utsumi and Akane Shinjo will be happy to learn that they can now (as of April 13th) buy their own pair of quality eyeglasses inspired by their favorite characters. Faithful reproductions of the designs sported by Sho and Akane in the anime, the glasses offered by the online sales division of "butler eyewear specialty shop" eyemirror, are a must for avid fans as well as cosplayers who want to get the details right.

Each prescription-lens compatible model comes with a wipecloth printed with an original illustration, pin button (first production lot only) and an original glasses case. For those who buy both pairs, you'll also get a clear folder as a bonus gift.

Let's take a look at each model in more detail:

Shinjo Akane model

With temples made of sandblasted pink plating finished with lavender tips, the glasses convey a sense of luxury in spite of their simple design.

Even the cracked frame as seen in the anime is reproduced in laser engraving on one side. (You can choose a version without it as well)

Original case and wipecloth design:


  • Akane Shinjo model
  • Dimensions: 53□16-140
  • Price: 15,120 JPY (both cracked or non-cracked versions)
  • Product page on eyemirror: Akane Shinjo model

Sho Utsumi model

Special attention was given to the total design of the frame, and the temples are rendered in a translucent gray material. To be as faithful as possible to the anime in which Sho's face can be clearly seen through the temples of his glasses when he is shown from the side, the wire core is limited to the back half of the temple.

Original case and wipecloth design:


  • Sho Utsumi model
  • Dimensions: 53□17-138
  • Price: Clear lens: 12,960 JPY / PC Lens: 16,200 JPY (incl. tax)
  • Product page on eyemirror: Sho Utsumi model

Pin Button and Clear File

Purchasing Information

By - Ben K.