Thee Iga region of Japan has never shied away from its rich history of ninja tradition, boasting a national ninja certification test and even a ninja museum. Now Iga seems to be angling for introducing a new Olympic sport that brings ninja into the digital age.

"e-Ninja" is a campaign effort launched by the NinjaTAG Association, which is dedicated to promoting Iga's ninja history. It's an "electronic battle sport" that is based on a headband equipped with a LED sensor and a ray gun shuriken (ninja star). In a game of one on one combat, players try to score three hit on an opponent's headband in a ninja version of laser tag.

While the organization claims they have the ultimate goal of making it an Olympic sport, the first step appears to be a full scale tournament held on May 3rd at Iga Ueno Castle.

It may be a long shot to actually make it to the Olympic games, but the game looks to be gaining traction as yet another fun promotional activity from Iga. Those looking to test their shinobi techniques must apply by April 30th.

By - Big Neko.