Canned food rings

Last week, Japanese Twitter users were buzzing about a fashion accessory with an unexpected source of inspiration. The brainchild of Japanese art unit 現代美術二等兵 Gendaibijutstu Nitouhei, these rings looked exactly like miniature versions of canned seafood.

現代美術二等兵ふじわら Gendaibijutsu Nitouhei Fujiwara (@f2touhey)

Incidentally, the rings are modeled after two popular brands of canned crab and canned tuna:

  • Ring 1: ストー缶詰株式会社 紅ずわいかに一番脚肉詰くずれ身 Suto Canning Co., Ltd.'s Red Snow Crab meat (choice legs, flaked)
  • Ring 2: 株式会社マルハニチロ あけぼの さけ 水煮 Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd.'s Akebono Pink Salmon (packed in water)

現代美術二等兵ふじわら Gendaibijutsu Nitouhei Fujiwara (@f2touhey)

The futile art of Da-bijutsu

The rings are part of an art style invented by Gendaibijutstu Nitouhei, a humorous name which translates as "Private Modern Art" ("private" as in military rank). The two-man unit composed of Shane Kagotani (@kago2touhey) and Katsuhito Fujiwara (@f2touhey) call their art style 駄美術 dabijutsu.

According to a statement on their website, dabijutsu is "work which entertains people regardless of its degree of completion or production cost. Just as some snacks are dagashi 駄菓子 (a term for cheap snacks written with the kanji 駄 meaning "futile" and 菓子 kashi, meaning "snack"), we think that within the world of bijutsu (art), there's also a place for da-bijutsu. It's a laid-back form of entertainment that includes painting, sculpture, photography, or anything else."

Upcoming exhibition

If you have any plans to be in the vicinity of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture (2.5 hours from Tokyo) over the long Golden Week holiday season, you can see these rings as well as other dabijutsu works at their exhibition 『「帰ってきた 駄美術百万石」駄美術展覧会 in 金沢 PART2』from April 27th to May 6th at the Shiinoki Cultural Complex. For more information, see the official flyer here.

By - Ben K.