In the past, Japanese "muscular performance group" ALL OUT has a provided a variety of services for those looking to make use of their peak fitness and hospitable attitude. The troupe have offered themselves as a living rental service of ripped shirtless men available for cosplay, "muscle escort" services, and even operate their own muscle cafe where they'll flex while squeezing fresh juice for you.

Their latest service taps into Japanese summer tradition and is an effort to help promote local areas by lending some musclebound star power. The group--spanning over 400 members throughout the country--is offering to help pull mikoshi palanquins during summer festival (matsuri), and they'll do it free of charge as long as you feed them and provide a bed.

Mikoshi are typically hoisted up by a group of festival volunteers and carried in a procession from a shrine central to the festival through local neighborhoods. Sometimes "rival" mikoshi clash with each other in a battle of shouts, and ALL OUT is offering to help defeat any rivals with their buff bodies and spirit, while hopefully boost attention on local festivals throughout the country.

ALL OUT is available for festivals running from July 1st to September 30th, 2019, and will even offer you a ride on their "muscle taxi" to and from the festival.

Those interested in booking the group can do so via a contact form with a deadline of May 11th. Those who are feeling a bit more ambitious can even apply to join the group itself.

By - Big Neko.