While Japanese-born virtual Youtubers like Kizuna AI, Luna Kaguya and YuNi have already established themselves as singing and performing talents, this year we're seeing the rise of virtual fashion models who express themselves through still photography and a presence on social media.

For example, at the beginning of the year, virtual fashion model imma set Twitter and Instagram abuzz, and then in February, virtual gyaru model Aoi Prism made waves of her own.

Representing diversity in beauty

Now, digital contents development and marketing company atali inc. in collaboration with photography, video and talent production company Zarbon and Dodoria, Inc. (yes, like the Frieza Force members) have announced a new kind of virtual persona, one who doesn't rely on the technical skills of her image engineers to create perfect features and unblemished beauty, but rather an imperfectly beautiful virtual human with real thoughts as well as a look which reflects the increasingly diverse view of beauty in our society today.

Not happy with making innocuous statements on her social media accounts, she'll post original artwork, comment on her daily life, and not shy away from talking about her thoughts and feelings.

It's pronounced "meh-meh"

According to the press release, MEME, which is meant to be pronounced 'meh-meh,' "likes art, design and photography and has a "punk" personality. Although she has a bit of a complex about her freckled face and the red patches of skin on her forehead and chin, she also takes a positive view, considering them to be attributes which make her unique."

"Of course, she'll also feel negative at times and she has a bit of an emo side too. She doesn't ignore and tries to understand things happening around her and issues occurring in society, something which she expresses in her motto of 'being real.'" (or as she puts it on her Instagram profile : "Who knows what the VIRTUAL is? I just wanna be f*cking REAL.)

Tap or click on the images below to see them full size:

Meme on Instagram

Find out what MEME is up to on her Instagram account here. By the way, she welcomes direct messages and emails.

The press release doesn't mention what kind of artwork she'll post, but her photography already looks interesting:

"I suddenly felt the urge to do something mom would get upset with. But when I sent it to her, she said 'Nice picture!'"

Editor’s note: Updated for clarity to convey the correct English pronunciation of MEME’s name.

By - Ben K.