Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka, has had a slew of temporary attractions in recent years thanks to Universal Cool Japan. The project aims to bring everyone’s favourite Japanese exports to the fore of the theme park, with attractions that showcase famous anime, games and movies.

So far, they’ve brought us awesome rides and attractions based on Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon and Detective Conan among others. The summer 2019 phase of Universal Cool Japan will start this May, and will bring back some already seen before heroes, and finally open a long hinted at attraction.

Attack on Titan will make a return in a brand new 3D live theatre. Attack on Titan: The Real is described as a battle of survival between humans and titans. Park visitors can find themselves smack bang in the middle of the operation to reclaim Wall Maria, the battle scene being shown on the world’s largest 3D screen, 50 metres wide. Characters will be whizzing around in all directions at super speed, and the constant threat of looming titans is brought to life in 360 degrees.

One of anime’s most recognisable heroines, Sailor Moon is also coming back to USJ. Last year’s Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D was so popular that they even extended the initial run period. Now the sailor senshi are returning with a scaled up version of the attraction and a new original storyline.

The story will include ten sailor senshi and Super Sailor Moon for the first time ever. Park visitors will be able to join forces with the heroines to rescue Sailor Moon from evil forces, and enjoy seeing the magical girl transformations happen before their very eyes.

Brewing over the past few years, the clash between iconic anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and city-wrecker Godzilla was first teased as an April Fool’s joke. But now the collision will finally have the platform it deserves, in the form of a Universal Studios Japan attraction.

In Godzilla vs Evangelion: The Real 4D, a fortress has appeared in Shin Osaka City the 3rd, and the strongest competitors will battle it out for supremacy. The original storyline will play out in powerful 3D images, with plenty of surprise special effects to completely immerse park visitors in an ultimate clash of the titans.

These three attractions will run between 31st May and 25th August 2019.

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By - Jess.