The roll ice cream trend has hit Tokyo hard. Various specialty stands and shops have popped up around the capital, each one seeming to boast more outlandishly decorated cups of ice cream than the last one.

The first roll ice cream specialist shop in Japan, Roll Ice Cream Factory, have announced that they will be having a collaboration menu item with none other than super sleuth Pokemon, Detective Pikachu.

The Detective Pikachu roll ice cream will only be available for a short time to celebrate the release of the new live action film, from 24th April to 10th May.

Inspired by Pikachu’s distinctive colouring, the toppings include strawberries and yellow peach. A generous helping of whipped cream sprinkled with popping candy should remind everyone of Pikachu’s capabilities when it starts crackling in their mouth like electricity. If that isn’t in your face enough, there’s also a Dectective Pikachu adorned marshmallow and a pick with the movie’s neon sign motif.

Roll Ice Cream Factory has six branches all over Japan, and you don't need to do any detective work to find them, you can just check the locations on their website.

By - Jess.