Cats know that usually, being put in a travelling box means something bad is coming.

In fact, often it signals a trip to the most dreaded of places, the vet’s office.

This owner filmed her cat in such a situation, inside a carrier and waiting for the inevitable veterinary visit, but something about the cat’s reaction surprised everyone.

The cat seemed to communicate her trepidation in perfect Japanese.

It sounds as though the cat is repeatedly saying ‘yabai’, a general word to express surprise, happiness, sadness, distress... anything really. The expression is similar to the English outburst ‘oh my god!’ in versatility.

In this cat’s case it could probably be translated as ‘oh no…’

The cat's cries of 'yabai!' sound so human-like, some commenters even compared the sound to their own children.

Hopefully next time the cat shows off her party trick it'll be a happy 'yabai' rather than a scared one!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.