Located in Tokyo's Takashimaya Department store, the official Pokémon Cafe has become a big hit with fans looking to catch all of the seasonal Pokémon menu items. These have included a Halloween menu, a duel Pikachu and Eevee menu, and even a Pikachu sakura dessert.

Now after waiting for the initial shock of Japanese fans to subside after seeing Detective Pikachu's furry appearance in the upcoming movie, the Pokémon Cafe is revealing a Detective Pikachu themed menu.

Seen above, a Detective Pikachu and three cheese macaroni and cheese served with waffle fries is available for 1,706 yen is available, but can include what appears to be a Psyduck omelette rice in a combo for 2,570 yen.

The Detective Pikachu Electric Float takes lemon soda and fizzy candy to simulate Pikachu's shock, and is served with a tail-shaped cookie for 1,274 yen.

The Pokémon Cafe already lets you choose latte art of any of the original 151 Pokémon, but for the event will serve lattes with art that features the more "realistic" looks of the Pokémon that appear in the film (756 yen).

The menu will run from April 27th to June 30th.

Address: Tokyo, Chuo, Nihombashi 2-11-2, Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. East Building (5th Floor)

Closest Station: Nihonbashi

Pokémon Cafe Website

By - Big Neko.